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Our Mission

It is the sole goal of the Astron Automotive team to provide service at its highest standard all while not breaking the bank. We strive to maintain a welcoming environment for our customers to appease the overall car-buying experience and ultimately delivering “Great Cars, Great Prices, and Great Service”.

Our Values

  • Honesty, Integrity, and professionalism
  • Hard work, dedication, and achievements
  • Family, and developing long lasting relationships

Our Goals

  • To honor all promises and commitments
  • To deliver exception results
  • To build and maintain strong B2C relations


  • To achieve and exceed the expectations of ourselves and our customers
  • To provide outside insight information
  • To provide competitive prices and service within the industry
  • To be valued partners of our suppliers

Our Team

Here is a look at who we are and what we do

Devoy Greaves — Managing Director.

Mr. Greaves with a degree in Electrical Engineering possesses excellent project management skills through his experience in the bauxite and oil industry. Devoy entered the automotive industry in 2015 with the hopes of contributing exceptional service and vehicles in the used car sector. Astron’s very own slogan stems from his own beliefs to provide quality cars, great prices, and exceptional service.

Nichlous Stewart — Director.

Analytical, detailed oriented and critical, Astron’s Director is versed in the technical field of not only Mechanical Engineering as his degree suggests but also in the technicalities of business. Mr. Stewart having over a decade of experience within large industrial entities understands the efforts it takes to operate a successful business. Often behind the scenes of operations, Nichlous always puts his strategic business mind forward to ensure Astron’s vision is fulfilled and remains at this highest standard the used car industry has to offer.

Rameesh Livermore — Snr. Sales Representative.

With his years of sales experience and customer service, Mr. Livermore uses his natural sales talent to meet and exceed the targets of the Astron Automotive Traders company. Rameesh has often been praised for his excellent communication skills and his ability to assist customers through the most complex situations all while being empathetic and seeing them not only as a number to be added to a particular month’s profits. A truly dedicated member of the Astron Automotive Team, our Senior Sales Representative holds the highest regard for customer satisfaction.

Marketing Officer

Demillia Mullings - Administrative Assistant

Demillia has extensive expertise in the Administrative field. Her responsibility is to provide support to the Astron Automotive Traders management team and other departments. Demillia's determination enables her to carry out her duties in an effective manner ensuring business operations run smoothly.

Fabian Hurlock - Bearer

Astron’s eyes and wheels on the road through his hard work and dedications assists as a crucial member of the company’s operations. Always courteous and well mannered, Mr. Hurlock is not your typical company bearer as he prides himself on customer service and logistics to ensure the company meets deadlines and targets. In addition to his quick thinking and strategic mind when on the go, Fabian looks at his tasks as an opportunity to assist not only Astron Automotive to fulfill their goals but to also assist customers to fulfill their dreams.

Gifton Edwards - Facilities Coordinator

Mr. Edwards is a man of two hats. He is in charge of ensuring that the property, grounds surrounding such and the vehicles on the lot are in pristine condition. With a hands-on approach he makes sure that every car is in immaculate condition when customers come to pick up their newly imported cars. He is also a bearer who ensures that all deliveries/drop offs/pick-ups are done in a timely manner and in the nick of time he is there to drop off your paperwork.


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